Our Terms and conditions.


Terms of Use

The following are the terms and conditions to use the Pebblecoastsolution service (which you can get on the Pebblecoastsolution‘s website.) Pebblecoastsolution does not have any hidden terms and conditions. Pebblecoastsolution provides a legal contract to you with all the terms and conditions. When you accept to register your complaint by that you are agreed to receive calls or SMS from Pebblecoastsolution. We provide only non-warranty service for all brands for urgent or emergency needs of Customers. The paid service charge has validity for one month. Within the period of time, the new problem will be also considered with paid service charges. The part cost will be applied and apart from that, we will take a transport charge if we have to dispatch part to the Customer house if the Customer address location is outside from the base location. Currently, we provide a District wise service.


Service provided by “Pebblecoastsolution” will be delivered by Pebblecoastsolution Certified Engineers as per Customer need or requirement.


We provide only genuine parts from the marketplace as per the Customer Model. If any part is not available in the marketplace we will try to provide a genuine solution to the Customer. But our First Priority will be to arrange the required part as per stock availability. All provided parts will be genuine as per our records.

Service TAT

As the customer raises his complaint or Request on the Pebblecoastsolution web page, our team coordinator will call back within 2 hours for confirmation. After that one of our certified Engineers gets assigned for concern Customer Request or Complaint. And as soon as possible Customer will get a call from the Engineer for knowing the exact issue of the Customer and as well as he will fix the appointment timing as per the suitable time of the Customer. We will try to fix the problem in the visit time. If there any part required for fixing the issue we will co-ordinate to Customer about the approx part cost. Our maximum Turn Around Time for visit is 72 hrs. But as per Customer need, we will try as early as possible.

Mode of payment

Our first priority is always to satisfy Customers with their individual concerns. Yes, there will always be a nominal service charge to do the job. But we only take service charge if the problem is resolved by us. Yes, we have a different rate chart for every product. To know about the rate chart please feel free to contact our Customer Support Helpline No. You will get a brief knowledge and will also get assistance for your exact issue. We have not any issue with how you will pay charges, that is your choice. But yes we received the money in any type of mode of payment. Pebblecoastsolution’s authorized engineer will always support you in every situation.


We never close your raised complaint before satisfying you which means in real your product or machine will be under self-observation after complete repair for 48 hrs. After we confirm from yourself that” Machne is ok & working as good condition” then we Close the complaint. And after 24 hours that means a total of 72 hrs you will get the Gst Bill Softcopy from our end. For more quarries, you can feel free to contact our Customer Support Helpline No.

Renewal Policy

Till now we didn’t Start any package of extended warranty or our “Home Care Promise Plan”. As we start we will notify our Customers.

Privacy policy

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at pebblecoastsolution@gmail.com At Pebblecoastsolution, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by Pebblecoastsolution and how it is used. Your contact info only will be used for calls or SMS through Pebblecoastsolution to assist you or for which you made interest for us. No Data will be mishandled by us for any reason.